Our Story


Comfort food spanning cultures and generations


Dumplings are our love language. They’re more than a ball of dough *offensive to say the least* and they embody comfort for countless cultures across the world. They are somehow simultaneously the perfect end to your Saturday night and the best start to any day. They’re worth that long road trip and they always bring people together. They’re there when you’re happy, sad, celebrating, and even when you don’t need a reason to eat them at all.                                                                   

That’s what led us down this path! Yes, people love dumplings but not everyone has seen them at their full potential. You might be well versed with your cultures’ dumpling but have you tried the others? We brought all of our differences together and utilized the most incredible ingredients we could find to make dumplings that we really hope will surprise you. But don’t worry, we kept some classics too.